Give Live

We have a dream...

Our goal is to ensure a long and appropriate life to all animals of the herd; no animal should be given up for financial reasons. With your support “our” cows and bovines can reach their natural life span and will be under our care until the end of their lives.

Our commitment for the “Cow Rescue” is voluntary work; all donated money will be used for the animals exclusively. There are no administration costs etc.

Our association is recognized as charitable; your donation is tax deductible.

With your membership, sponsorship and/or donation you are saving lives!

Thank you with all our hearts for helping!


With a membership you are supporting our project in the long term.

We are grateful for any member and, of course, leave it up to you, whether you wish to pay a regular or reduced contribution.

Regular membership fee: 5,00€/month
Reduced membership fee: 2,50€/month

As a member you will receive

  • A membership certificate
  • information on the animals on a regular basis (website, facebook)
  • an invitation to our regular membership reunions
  • visiting rights(*) for the animals

Download: Membership form


With your full sponsorship you are securing the survival of one animal month after month.

The monthly costs of one animal are 100€, covering food, water, litter, claw treatment, vaccination and the cost of veterinary fees in case of sickness.

We see cuddling, interaction, grooming, carrots etc. as part of well-being and give it from our hearts.

Shared sponsorships start at 10€/month.

You can choose a specific animal for (shared) sponsorship, if you wish to. Or you can choose an “anonymous” sponsorship to the benefit of an animal, who has no sponsors.

Every sponsor receives

  • a certificate (with a photo of the animal you chose, if wished)
  • an invitation to the annual sponsor party on our farm
  • regular information on your sponsored animal and the herd (website, facebook)
  • visiting right(*) for the sponsored animal

Download: Sponsorship form


are welcome in any amount!

You can fill in the form for donations or transfer directly to the following bank account:

Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg
IBAN DE17 37062600 0104188010
VR Bank Bergisch Gladbach

Download: Donation form

We have set up a Paypal donations account :-)

Distribute leaflets

Of course it would be of big help, if the information about the Cow Rescue was spread. You are welcome to help hand out our leaflet, or display it in a waiting room or so. You just have to print out the leaflet in duplex printing (double-sided, over the short side) and fold it twice.

Download: Leaflet (black and white)

* Re visiting right: We are all volunteers in our commitment for the animals and work at full-time. Therefore, please contact us, beforehand, for date arrangements, so we can make time to welcome you!

During summer months, you may drop by spontaneously: the animals are spending the whole day on the vast pastures and therefore can be watched from a hiking trail without a prior appointment.