1.)  Why are cows producing milk?
2.)  How long can a cow live?

3.)  How can I become a sponsor?
4.)  Can I visit my sponsored cow?
5.)  When will be the next farm party?
6.)  Which other animals are there on the farm?

1.)  Why are cows producing milk?

Milk and dairy products most often come from cows – most of us know this.

All of us (as long as we are not vegans) consume products, made from milk or containing milk, daily, without giving it a thought.

Very few know, how milk actually is “produced”:

  • Are you aware of the fact, that today's “high performance cows” only produce milk, when they are expecting a calf or just gave birth to one? So cows have to be pregnant again and again to produce milk.

  • In order to get all of the precious milk, the calves usually are separated right after birth from their mothers. This separation is traumatic for both, cow mothers and calves. Often they are mourning for weeks. We often witnessed cow mothers standing at the gate of the pasture, shouting for their calves for hours and days, even when the rest of the herd had already walked far off. Cows, like horses, are herd animals and usually will never stray far from their herd, as the herd is their protection.

  • Bull calves go into fattening soon after birth and are slaughtered; female calves will be brought up to face the same destiny as their mothers.

2.)  How long can a cow live?

A cow can live up to 20 years. We hope, our cows will reach this age :-)

3.)  How can I become a sponsor?

You will find sponsorship details under “donation”. There you can download a form, which you can send us via mail. Of course you can also send a scanned version via email. Until now, we are not able to offer a digital form to fill out, as your data will be handled with utmost care and safety, and we still have to take some measures, in order to transmit your data safely and coded.

You will find a link to this form on every cow's page.

4.)  Can I visit my sponsored cow?

Of course, you can visit the cows. As you are not allowed to enter the stable or pasture alone, we would like to ask you to make an appointment, beforehand. You can watch the cows from afar at any time from a hiking trail.
We would be happy to welcome you to the farm parties which we organize for all our cow friends.

5.)  When will be the next farm party?

Unfortunately, there is no date set for the next farm party. Of course as soon as a date is fixed, it will be published on the welcome page.

6.)  Which other animals are there on the farm?

Of course, our cows are not alone on the farm. Next to two dogs, cats, three chickens, a cock and two rabbits, more than 40 horses are living there.